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Home Buyer or Refinancing?

Do you fall into one of these categories?

-Marital Separation- Payout of Partner, Starting Over, going at it alone.

-Small or No deposit saved towards purchase

-Your Deposit or Savings evidence not satisfactory to your bank

-No records of savings over 6 month period

-Need to borrow up to 100% of purchase price

-Low income, or in receipt of Government benefits, Workcover etc.

-Casual or Part-Time Employment, 2nd Job, Commission or bonus based income, Short-Term or Instability in employment.

-Impaired Credit Rating, Defaults, Judgements, Arrears or Late Payments.

-Bankruptcy, Liquidation or Scheme of arrangement

-Self Employed, recently commenced with no financials yet completed, low taxable income (or declared losses), changes in business structure, difficult to verify income, or some other reason

-High level of borrowings/debt servicing ratio. Too many loans/cards to consolidate

-Equity in any type of Real Estate- but still can't get a loan.

-Many other seemingly restrictive or unreasonable limitations.

These and many more situations
may be circumstances where we can
assist with your finance.